Proudly Liberian

Proudly Liberian



Welcome to Ellefoodie!


We are an Eco-friendly brand based in Liberia, West Africa. 
It's such a pleasure to provide our customers with unique hand-crafted goodies. 


At Ellefoodie, it’s all about Passion and Love for Arts, Nature and of course Food! lol 

As a startup in Liberia, we are proud to showcase and highlight the many talents we have locally by working with artisans to produce usable, sustainable, and decorative pieces made from locally sourced materials. 


It’s with great joy and excitement each item is crafted, the uniqueness in its shape and patterns are not flaws but distinct stamps made by its maker. 


Owning an item from Ellefoodie goes a long way, it’s not ordinary. The hours of Love-Labor by our artisans, from the sourcing to the carving or weaving and the finishing of each product?
The results are Magical! so rewarding when we see how happy our customers are with our products! And the impact we are making in our communities. 


Follow us as we introduce you to hidden talents and treasures made in Liberia using All-natural and recycled materials from the Mother Land. 
Let us know, What is your favorite Ellefoodie product? Cheers! 

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Ellefoodielib eco-friendly products are durable and unique. Ellefoodielib adds a class to Liberia’s unique culture heritage blended by creativity.
I just love the products!

Kebbeh Monee

I love my ellefoodie heart bowls and my coconut cups! The bowls have even become decoration in my kitchen but it’s also great for snacks for guests. Support Liberian made!


Love the Liberian Country Cloth Pillow Cases.


Ellefoodielib is one of the best Liberian crafted product out there, unique, refreshing and very beautiful. With Ellefoodielib, u feel at home. Well done Rochelle, more at hands.


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