Introducing our latest creation: "Bogo."

Introducing our latest creation: "Bogo."


Our loose-fitting jackets are crafted from authentic mud cloth, each piece telling a unique story by weaving together symbols deeply rooted in tradition. It's more than just a jacket; it's wearable art. Wear a piece crafted through generations of skilled craftsmanship.

What is a mud cloth?  Appreciation for the process.

Mud cloth, also known as “Bògòlanfini” or “Bogolan,” originates from Mali in West Africa. It has a rich cultural and historical significance among the Bambara people.

The fabric is traditionally made by the Bamana women using a labor-intensive process that involves weaving, dyeing, and painting.

The distinctive patterns on mud cloth are created using fermented mud, plant extracts, and natural dyes. The cloth often features symbolic designs that convey messages related to cultural identity, social status, or folklore.


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