Get To Know Us

We are in love with Handmade


Ellefam Story 

It started as a personal passion driven by Love. All things artistic and creative involve working with your hands.
Job scarcity is a common term around here. How do we create jobs and pass on usable knowledge that helps the majority to become self-sufficient? Artisans!
Let's tell our own story, in our very own unique way. It’s never late to start something new and positive. With our passion to do better and shine a light on what we have, We spot talented craft women/men and work with them to transform ideas into actual products using locally sourced materials. This creates much-needed income for our artisans. We are committed to creating beautiful, unique handcrafted pieces for our customers all while doing our best to take care of our only home, EARTH. 
We are passionately looking forward to providing more job opportunities, hands-on training workshops for the unskilled, and changing the popular narrative about Africa. 
Your support means a lot! Your purchase helps us provide more jobs and opportunities.  

Our Vision 


Creating job opportunities with a fair income for our artisans and taking care of Mother’s Nature by providing sustainable, Eco-conscious alternatives using locally sourced materials. 


Tips on how to reduce waste - We should all Care 

  • Reuse, repurpose, up-cycled, invest in environmentally friendly products
  • Shopping? And don’t have a reusable bag? Make sure to take just the right amount of Plastic bags you need and remember to reuse them.
  • Buy drinking water in bulk and store in repurposed juice glass bottles, save the planet as well as some much-needed cash.